2 thoughts on “Clay County Fair 2009

  1. Hi there!!

    It’s always good to hear from a fellow Deome. There are only a few of us out there. The real variation of my last name was Gweome. Which I think was from Belgium. I used to have someone from there write me but I think he has passed or lost the person that used to translate our messages, as it has been a while since we last spoke.

    Thanks for the wishes for our good friend Todd, it’s very unfortunate that the West Nile virus can be so harmful. He is such a wonderful person. Take care, and please feel free to ask any questions regarding my family tree if you’re interested.



  2. Hello Deome family,

    I’m out here on the central coast of California and just happened upon your site during a search. I thought it appropriate to write you and say hello, especially given the same variation of our last name–there are at least four, I believe.

    If you’d like to learn respond please do, but our resident familial expert is my sister Ginny (Virginia), who lives in Paradise, CA. Her email is slmgsm@comcast.net

    Hope Todd is doing better, and hope to hear from you soon.


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