Update for Mary Anastasia – 1/20/2011

Update 11pm EST:

Mary’s heart medication has been moved to 3 MCG’s. This is the lowest setting and her vitals are looking great. Currently she is around 150bpm, and the blood pressure is right where they want it to be. O2 sats are 90%

As the blood gas tests come back every 2 hours, if they keep seeing an improvement, they will continue to allow her to breathe on her own and turn down the use of the ventilator. This means that the blood pocket that was in her right lung is clearing and shrinking.

Her skin is very fragile like wet tissue paper and they continue to rub an ointment that interacts with UV light to help protect the skin, and promote growth.

Another Chest X-Ray and Brain Ultrasound in the morning. I will keep you all posted. Thanks to everyone for the prayers, and thoughts.

Here is another picture I took from this afternoon. She is adorable.

~ The Deome’s


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