Update for Mary Anastasia – 4-12-2011

Hi Everyone,

I have the results of the MRI, and a few other things to share with everyone.  But first of all I would like to thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers that we have received so far, and ask that you continue.

Mary’s feeding is at 42ml’s every 3 hours now, and her weight is …….  4 pounds 15.5 ounces.  That’s right, she is almost 5 pounds!!

She is now 37 Weeks old!!  Happy Birthday Mary!!

Mary’s brain bleed may have been the cause of some damage in her Cerebellum.  We still won’t know the extent of the damage until she hits certain milestones, such as walking, writing and so on.  They do feel confident that with this not being an option for use, Mary will learn to do these functions with the larger part of the brain, and train herself to not even try to use her Cerebellum.  We are positive she will overcome this, and amaze us as she does on a daily basis.  The rest of the MRI was free and clear of any other issues.

So far Mary has learned how to suck, swallow, and breathe while feeding with a bottle.  We have had a bit of a set back however, mostly due to the discharge process.  As they have pushed to get her feeding up there, and process 52ml’s of breast milk every 4 hours by bottle, Mary was getting too tired.  So with our concerns raised, and the PA’s concerns, they have backed her feeding to 42ml’s every 3 hours, or unless cued by Mary that she is hungry.   We have decided to let them know that after Mary has been on a bottle feed plan for 5 days straight with no residuals, and no choking issues, we can then start the process of bringing her home.

Bringing Mary Home Process:

1. CPR Class – passed

2. Car Seat Test – Not done yet

3. Feeding – Not done yet

4. Rooming in with Mary – Not done yet

We are getting closer, and closer every day, but we all need to stop, look and listen to what Mary is telling us.  Here are some pictures of our latest visits.  As always she has a bit more in her Gallery.  I have added a link to her gallery on the top right of the website.

Thank you everyone again for your support, we love you all.

~ The Deome’s


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