Update for Mary Anastasia

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give a small update on how Mary did yesterday.

Everything went perfectly well. After she fell asleep they put the IV in her, and 38 min later they had both eye muscles moved and re-stitched to the back of the eye. She woke up in a bit of pain so they gave her some pain meds, once the initial wake up period was over, they called us in to stage 2 recovery where mommy fed her some apple juice, and she slept on mommy for 1.5 hours. After they woke her up from that, she was blowing raspberries and smiling. Like nothing happened. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

This picture was taken after surgery.

Mary Rolls Over!!

Just 1 day after her 10-Month milestone, Mary rolls over for the first time on her own.  Yay Mary!!  Here is a video we would like to share with everyone.  Hope your weekend is going well.