Mary Laughing

Last night we were talking and we heard a ripping noise.  We looked over and Mary had gotten a hold of a Fingerhut catalog…. She decided to have some fun.  Enjoy

~ The Deome’s


CJ Gets His 12 Year Shots [VID]

Such a trooper… What a great kid we have!!

Mary Rolls Over!!

Just 1 day after her 10-Month milestone, Mary rolls over for the first time on her own.  Yay Mary!!  Here is a video we would like to share with everyone.  Hope your weekend is going well.

Mary Laughing

Her good ole brother, Christopher is the master at making Mary laugh.  What an amazing pair of kids we have.


~ The Deome’s

Update for Mary Anastasia

Hi Everyone!!

It’s been a very long time since my last post.  I have some great news to share with you.

1. The doctors have stopped Mary’s Diuretics.  This was the initial dose that they started to give her when she was born at 25 weeks to try and keep the fluid from her lungs.  She was successful in out growing the dose, and never needing an increase.

2. We are starting to take her off the Oxygen more and more each day for 30-60 minutes at a time.  This is to help her mature those tiny lungs of hers.  Next month they hope to remove the Oxygen during the day, and only require it at night during sleep.  The following month after that, the plan is to bring in the home medical team, and do a sleep study to see if we can remove the Oxygen completely!!

3.  Mary had a swallow study done, to see how she eats.  If I get any videos from that I will post them.  Jen said it was so cool to watch her eat.  :).  Everything was functioning perfectly in regards to her eating.

4. She had another weigh-in today.  She is now 7 pounds 12 ounces!!!!  That’s right! She’s growing up very well.

Here are some pictures of Papa Al holding Mary at home.  I hope you all have a very safe holiday weekend.  We would like to thank you for all the thoughts and prayers that we continue to get during these times of recovery.  Mary is growing up very well, and we know it is from all of her friends!  We love you all very much.

~ The Deome’s

Mary’s first shots – Outside of the NICU.

Mary’s NICU Journey

Hi Everyone.

Mary is thriving at home.  She hit the 5 pound mark on Friday.  That’s right, they don’t measure in grams anymore.  We have memorized the metric system in the past 3 months.  It’s going to be hard getting used to pounds and ounces again.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, Mary is doing so well.  Thank you everyone for all that you have done.

I would like to thank Aunt Kini and  Uncle Ralph for Mary’s cute bunny.  It’s adorable, and we promise to make sure it’s safe here with her.

I would also like to thank my Grandparents, Bampa & Eva for their very generous gift.  Mary has all the diapers and wipes she could possibly need until the age of 1!!

I have put together a video of Mary’s NICU journey.  Have a great weekend everyone.

We love you all.

~ The Deome’s

Up Close and Personal

A daring Seagull snatches some food from the car door.